NOTE: Years in which a school earned both the Team Championship and Individual medalist honor are highlighted in bold. There have been 25 sweeps in the history of the Western, with Stanford achieving the most at 5 total.

Team Champion
Individual Champion
2023 Pepperdine Derek Hitchner (Pepperdine)
2022 Texas Dylan Menante (Pepperdine)
2021 Pepperdine Joe Highsmith (Pepperdine)
2020 n/a n/a
2019 Stanford Isaiah Salinda (Stanford)
2018 North Carolina Norman Xiong (Oregon)
2017 USC Justin Suh (USC)
2016 Stanford Maverick McNealy (Stanford)
2015 Texas Scottie Scheffler (Texas)
2014 Stanford Cameron Wilson (Stanford)
2013 California Pedro Figueiredo (UCLA)
2012 Texas Patrick Rodgers (Stanford)
2011 UCLA Timothy Madigan (New Mexico State)
2010 Oregon Eugene Wong (Oregon)
2009 Oregon Diego Velasquez (Oregon State)
2008 Saint Mary’s Jack Newman (Michigan State)
2007 Purdue John Streibich (Xavier)
2006 Duke Rob Grube (Stanford)
2005 Oregon J.J. Scurich (Cal Poly)
2004 Colorado Kane Webber (Colorado)
2003 UCLA Steve Conway (UCLA)
2002 Washington Conner Robbins (Washington)
2001 Oregon Lars Johansson (San Diego State)
2000 Fresno State Jason Allred (Pepperdine)
1999 Washington Joel Kribel (Stanford)
1998 UC Santa Barbara Naoya Takemoto (UC Santa Barbara)
1997 Ohio State Joel Kribel (Stanford)
1996 Stanford Arron Oberholser (San Jose State)
1995 USC Ryan Hietala (Univ. of Texas, El Paso)
1994 San Jose State Ted Snavely (Oregon)
1993 Oregon Cam Martin (Oregon)
1992 San Jose State Todd Fischer (USF)
1991 UNLV Doug DuChateau (Oregon)
1990 Fresno State Mike Foster (San Jose State)
1989 Fresno State Rafael Ponce (BYU)
1988 San Jose State Bruce Brockbank (BYU)
1987 Fresno State Rich Greenwood (UCLA)
1986 USC Sam Randolph (USC)
1985 San Jose State Duffy Waldorf (UCLA)
1984 San Jose State Grant Barnes (San Jose State)
1983 UCLA & Fresno State Kris Moe (San Diego State)
1982 USC Rick Fehr (BYU)
1981 BYU Jay Don Blake (Utah State)
1980 USC Bobby Clampett (BYU)
1979 San Jose State Scott Watkins (Arizona State)
1978 BYU Mark O’Meara (Long Beach State)
1977 Arizona State Lee Mikles (Arizona State)
1976 BYU Mike Brannan (BYU)
1975 BYU Mark Lye (San Jose State)
1974 Arizona State Peter Jacobsen (Oregon)
1973 USC Don Baker (USC)
1972 Arizona State Howard Twitty (Arizona State)
1971 BYU Rich Simms (CS Los Angeles)
1970 BYU Bob Clark (CS Los Angeles)
1969 Arizona State Gary Sanders (USC)
1968 BYU Johnny Miller (BYU)
1967 San Jose State Jerry Heard (Fresno State)
1966 USC Arne Dokka (CS Los Angeles)
1965 San Jose State Arne Dokka (CS Los Angeles)
1964 Fresno State Ross Randall (San Jose State)
1963 San Jose State John Lotz (San Jose State)
1962 Stanford John Lotz (San Jose State)
1961 Fresno State John Lotz (San Jose State)
1960 San Diego State Ron O’Connor (San Diego State)
1959 Fresno State Joel Spinola (Fresno State)
1958 Fresno State Dale Lingenbrink (Seattle)
1957 San Jose State Stan Hobert (Arizona State)
1956 Fresno State Gordon McKenzie (Seattle)
1955 Stanford John McMullin (Modesto College)
1954 Stanford Charles Van Linge (Stanford)
1953 Stanford Ken Venturi (San Jose State)
1952 Stanford Fred Brown (Stanford)
1951 Stanford Ken Venturi (San Jose State)
1950 California George Bruno (San Jose State)
1949 San Jose State Al Nelson (Saint Mary’s)
1948 San Jose State Al Nelson (Saint Mary’s)
1947 Stanford Morgan Fottrell (San Jose State)